White Lake Property Owners Association

Our Mission:  The White Lake Property Owners Association is dedicated to preserving and
protecting the quality and enjoyment of White Lake for all current and future stakeholders.

White Lake is a small, spring-fed (or seepage) lake located in Marquette County, Wisconsin.  Its area is approximately 92 acres and its maximum depth is about 43 feet according to the UW-Extension Lakes Program.  All owners of lakefront property at White Lake are invited to be members of the White Lake Property Owners Association.

The 2012 White Lake Property Owners Association Annual Meeting and Picnic was held on July 7, 2012 at 10:30am.  Minutes from past annual meetings are on the Meeting Minutes page.  Please click on the following links to find a map to the meeting site.


Montello 1960s - I was looking for a historic picture of the Montello Theater, but I found this instead.  I remember reading comic books and eating ice cream at Jimmy's, but I did not remember that Freitag's IGA was originally across the street.

How can I help?  If you are a property owner at White Lake, your WLPOA Board encourages you to get involved with our property owners association or the White Lake Management District.  The White Lake Property Owners Association is primarily focused on educating the membership on issues surrounding our lake, as well as providing a social event for lake neighbors to get to know each other.  The management district has authority to create and enforce ordinances affecting the lake.

Other WLPOA Resources:

Member Directory:  There was a directory published in 2005 of all property owners.  I am not going to post it on the Internet due to privacy concerns, but please contact the WLPOA Board at the address below if you would like to obtain a copy.

Contact webmaster at whitelakepoa (at) gmail.com.  (You'll have to be a little smarter than the spam web-bots and reformat our address into a proper e-mail address.  Thanks!) 

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